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I think about weird things, I really do.

Like what happens when all of the possible combinations of URLs runs out? Or combinations of notes for music?

What will happen when all of the trees in the world are gone? Or when landfills take over because people refuse to put their glass and plastic bottles in the recycling?

Will a pill ever be created to make people cancer free, skinny or that will rid them of their allergies? Does this pill exist? Are people hiding it to try and encourage a real kind of health?

Is a distribution of wealth really going to happen? What happens when the hard working people have to give up what they earned to someone who chooses not to work?

What about when (or if) Netflix really does take over? Will it end up costing me as much as Comcast does?

If toasters are supposed to safely toast your various thin pastries; then how come the pop-up thingy never actually pops up enough to get your food out without burning yourself?

And how come, with all of the advances in technology, I am still bored with the Internet?

I just don’t know.