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Wasting time is a form of art.

Getting comfortable with snacks and a beverage, finding something good to watch on TV and making sure your phone is fully charged. Kicking back and relaxing, and wasting time is such an important aspect of life – and it is definitely not wasted time.

There are always those people out there who claim they don’t have time to kick back and relax or turn off their minds, but it is the exact same excuse as “I don’t have time to go to the gym.” There is always time to be wasted.

Turning off from reality keeps me sane. It keeps me happy and fulfilled, and after learning how to say “no” to people, I really can enjoy my “me” time.

So what is the difference of wasting time and time wasted? Let’s review:

Wasting Time:

  • Something that makes you smile
  • Something that lets you rest
  • Something that allows you to turn off (especially from work)
  • A de-stressor: a walk, a nap, etc.

Time Wasted:

  • Worrying or being angry about things that are out of your control
  • Trying to please someone or people that will never be satisfied
  • Attempting to impress others when it is not for your own good
  • Doing things that you really just don’t want to do

More recently, one of my favorite ways to tally up my wasting time hours is to count the number of times per week that someone says something snarky to me or acts or speaks superior to me (you know when you laugh to yourself and smile and kill ‘em with kindness) and multiply that by the number I deem necessary for that week…you know like just, whatever. Usually works out to a few hours that I kill completely guilt free enjoying myself over the weekend.

Guilt free being the key.