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When all else fails, eating peanut butter makes it all okay. Peanut butter is a catalyst of good nature. It can also be an element of any meal.

Hungry? Eat peanut butter.

Bored? Peanut butter takes at least fifteen minutes to get out of your teeth.

Need a bribe? Not many people will turn down a treat that includes peanut butter!

Another fantastic element of peanut butter is its cost. It’s cheap! A banana with peanut butter is like thirty-five cents – if that! I mean, this is if you bring them from home; buying it might cost a bit more; but still not a bank breaker.

Peanut butter also can make a boring sauce for meat taste exciting and different. It can be prepared with a gluteny breakfast treat to start off the day!It’s even good straight out of the jar – a big ol’ spoonful of the butta’.

Peanut butter is also filling and satisfying. It’s loaded with protein and has a tiny bit of a salty bite. The crunchy variety also makes it a little exciting to eat.

You can mix peanut butter with honey and cinnamon to pair with a dessert – pastry or frozen.

Did you know that peanut butter is even fun to make?! A food processor and some peanut oil and big bag of nuts (and honestly, some salt) is all you need for a fun-filled afternoon and a tasty treat. Bake it into cookies and call yourself Betty Crocker, girlfriend!

Or…you know, Manly Chef – whichever you prefer.