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The universe says we change, right?

I think in some cases, yes. I think people are generally the same – you know like once a douchebag probably always a douchebag?  But I also think that people can become better…sometimes.

But changing doesn’t have to be this huge thing. It can be small things. It can be making you happier. Changing your priorities. Keepin’ it realer.

I have decided (not for the new year, like a few months ago) to change my priorities. I am now 27 years old, putting me in my late twenties (barf) and I made the changes to adulthood.

My boyfriend, Blue Eyes, and I have an actual real relationship where we help each other out, even if it puts us out. In 27 years this is something I have not exactly experienced.

I don’t drink. Wine with dinner doesn’t count, but even that is hardly ever. Sure, sometimes I do…maybe once every three months – but drinking too much to me now is having like two glasses of wine. I made my priority to give those empty drinking calories to good tasting foods – and desserts!

I don’t kill myself working out anymore. I exercise; but it isn’t the top priority of my day now. If I get to it, that’s great – if I don’t then so be it.

I make time for me during my days. Even if that is taking a walk or turning off my phone which really upsets some people. Time to yourself is a huge priority. Even with a significant other, you need YOU time; because no one else can give you that.

I drink less caffeine. This is a hard one! One cup of coffee a day is plenty – and this includes tea and soda.

Essentially, my biggest priority change has been from “LET’S HAVE FUNNNN” to “time is chill out and enjoy the things that I have”.