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If there is one thing in the world that doesn’t tickle my fancy; it is Negative Nancy’s.

A Debbie Downer I can deal with – spouting out fun, of not weird, facts. But the Negative Nancy is a killer.

What is it about some people? You probably know the kind, the refuse to accept other’s happiness. They tout on your decisions, mock the things you talk about. Try to underhandedly push you down.

Or my personal favorite; ignore the things you are saying, then pick on the one thing they gather while putting the negative tone on it like I’m an idiot: “um…why wouldn’t it?”

WELL NO MORE! Call is a New Year’s Resolution; but I am refusing these types of horrific people this year. In the past I have made snide or even snarky, remarks back…but this year is the year of the deadly smile.

Kill ‘em with kindness.

Don’t let the haters keep you from doin’ your thang.

Dance like EVERYONE is watching.