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One of the actions I find most humorous in the corporate world is reactions.

I am not a typical girly girl. I am absolutely NOT a morning person, and I would rather sleep an extra 45 minutes then wake up to put on a full face of makeup and get my hair into a perfect (or any type of) French twist.

So enter me: casual work attire; hair down or easily pulled back, glasses and a fresh face.

Also enter: dirty looks and snobby business women acting like I don’t exist.

What is this? Is that really their attitude or are they jealous of the fact that they aren’t in flats; but rather stockings riding up their butts and their feet jammed in six inch stilettos? I know I am passing just as much judgement on them as they are on me; but I just don’t understand what the obsession with the office look is.

Now I get it, I am just not that kind of girl. Nail polish repels from my fingernails and I sit like a dude at my work station. And I am also lucky enough to not work with any of these over-the-top, peering-right-over-your-head-like-you-are-invisible people. You know the type – the ones that literally prance around the locker room in their underwear, pretending not to but also praying they are making anyone jealous.

I’ve dealt with mean girls, I went to high school. I watch movies. I know too many big words that when I throw insults people don’t always know what I am saying to them. I have thick skin; I laugh in these ladies faces for thinking they are even slightly better than anyone else.

The ironic part of these types of people is they are a minority. Bitches will be bitches and they will never change. But they are also the people who get talked about behind their backs and ridiculed and called names. They get laughed at by the “minions” who are actually the ones who control their worlds.

So if you are really that insecure on the inside that you need to hide your exterior, then know this: I feel sorry for you. And believe it when I say that a simple gesture, mean or kind, really does go a long way.