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Living in the country has some advantages – open fields, fresh and clean air, farmers markets…but what some city folk don’t understand is the driving issues we sometimes encounter.

Have you even driven on an unpaved road? It’s not a delight that is for sure. I think people take evenly paved roads for granted – or even roads with wide shoulders. In the country we tend to not have much shoulder in the side of the road, and it ends with a treacherous ditch that you can easily be flipped into when some jackass in a Hummer comes whipping around a corner not paying an ounce of attention to where they are going or anyone else around them. They won’t notice you in said ditch, either.

Another dead giveaway of a good ol’ country road is farm equipment. Getting stuck behind farm equipment on a back road is one thing, but out in the country special exceptions are made so farm equipment is allowed on the main roads and to go through regular traffic lights. Yes, irregular traffic lights exist. By irregular, I mean the blinking kind – which used to be in my parent’s neighborhood, so the farm equipment could legally drive on main roads.

Farm equipment did become a handy excuse, though, say when you were running late for school and were not yet 18 and able to sign yourself in…no one could doubt you were trapped behind a hay bailer!

Another fantastic open country bit is the smells. Sometimes, you get the aromatic fresh onions; while other times you can smell fertilizer on a hot summer morning.

Was John Denver right in his assessment? I am not sure. I do know, however; that country roads do take me home.

Here is a kick to all you Dub V alumns: