Ahhh the joys of being a homeowner!

(Queue the wake-up music with the birds chirping and harps melodically strumming…)


The ceiling in my bathroom has taken on a crack, along with a water spot that is now turning black. What joy. Call the HOA (who, for the record, are super helpful and understanding and are for reals the gossip queens of the neighborhood. They literally know everything about everyone.) HOA guy, Bill, tells me that illegal work was done in the bathroom a few years back in the unit above mine. By illegal he means no permits and done by an unlicensed contractor. That doesn’t sound good!

But it’s okay, the guy who lived there before me was actually a licensed contractor and fixed the damage that was done to his bathroom. Beautiful.

Not so much. Bill tells me that he doesn’t want to jump to conclusions and they need to come and cut away my ceiling to see what the damage is stemming from…and if directly from the unit above mine – there will be some serious arguing going on. Not with me though – yay!

So, I need to be on standby…because the ceiling, insulation and support beams are probably wet and molded, his clue was my black spot. He tells me all the work that they will do, and the holes they make will be paid for by them, which is good. And they will fix everything that they need to. If the damage stems from upstairs, since there is no contractor with insurance on the books, the upstairs people have to pay.

So I guess this isn’t a terrible situation; but I would rather not have a hole in the ceiling of my shower.