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There are problems in the universe when I am rendered speechless.

When I literally have no words or opinions.

When I cannot get my thoughts together and form a coherent thought or sentence.

I hear all too often that I have too much to say. This little blog here is not helping my cause, either. Real life friends will stop me in my tracks and exclaim, “how on earth do you have so much to say about trees?!” The simple answer? I don’t know.

I have a complex – I can literally talk to anyone about anything at any time. Now; this doesn’t mean that I want to; it’s just that I have the ability.

I also have this awkward tendency to attract weirdos. Weirdos love me, what else can I say about that? Public transportation, the gym…strip malls. Movie theaters, the workplace, BARS. I suppose this is a gift. A gift that accentuates and exemplifies my abilities to shoot the shit.


Sometimes I think I may overwhelm people – or in the case of football season, annoy the crap out of my boyfriend who just wants to watch the Monday Night Football game and not chit chat about the weather and my jackets and what I ate for dinner and his preference for fruits and how to make his sandwich and how many downs is the team at and…you get the idea.

And you know what I constantly keep telling myself? At least I’m not boring.