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I hope I don’t get in a fight!

I won’t – it’s only online classes.

But that’s just it! Online classes – says the girl who graduated college and said she would never go back to school.

I looked in to grad school; and after I shuddered at the price, I decided to use that money on a down payment for a condo. Perspective, people. A DOWNPAYMENT ON A HOUSE. I have zero college loans now (thank you, mom and dad for paying for college) and the rude lady who runs the program told me it’s no big deal to be $30 grand in debt for a graduate degree. I laughed at her and hung up the phone.

While these hopes and dreams escaped me (especially because the program required a 40 hour a week internship program; your current job, even if in the field, didn’t count) I didn’t want to give up. I started looking into continuing education classes at the local community college; and while a little pricey, they had some fun ones to take. (This is on the back burner for now; I will take them soon!)

So what did I choose to do? Online classes. I am starting with free ones to make sure that I really want to do this, and if I really get in to it…which on day 2 I still am…I may decide that more schooling is for me.

But will a graduate degree really help me at this point in my career? The jury is still out on this one – you hear people say they needed their graduate degree to just get a job; but I already have a career, and isn’t that half the battle? Then you hear the other side of the spectrum while you are in the work force – employers simply don’t want to hire graduate degrees because they expect and require more money. And honestly, after that debt…I would too.

So is that a deal breaker? I am not trying to be a doctor or work in exercise science or be a lawyer – all of which; yes, you should have a grad school diploma for. After a lot of research and the advice of an extremely helpful editor of a local newspaper, I learned: you need to be smart in your head, not on a piece of paper. These were this dude’s actual words. He may have thrown in the word “moxie” to the mix; but I got the point.

I need to be a smart go-getter (which I am) and school will always be there; the now will not.