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One of my favorite things about meeting new people is the possibility that I may come across a gem.

Not many people are gems, and finding them is a great way to start off a conversation.

So, how do you know someone is a gem? It’s simple really: personable, chatty and a standout personality. A gem is someone you can actually get along with – someone who you can tell is not fake or trying. They make an impact; you remember their name and what they say. You take enough effort to care about what they are saying.

Pets and children can be gems too. Some kids are so funny and don’t notice they are being ridiculous that they get away with their charm and wit. You can overlook their sweaty, sticky hands and laugh at their stupid jokes that might not make sense, but they are still funny! Certain dogs too…you know they have a personality and just want to say hi to you through all of their excitement. Gems.

So what is the real reason for people (and pets) being gems? They are the ones that stick around. The ones that you keep close and make you feel warm. The ones you don’t have to speak a word to, but can have a full conversation. You can look up, make eye contact and laugh for no reason – because that is all you really need.

Keep your gems close – and hope that you are a gem for someone else. It means a lot to be a nice person.