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Everyone and their mother whines about being busy – and guess what? I do too. The reality of the problem is that we really aren’t that busy (well, most of us anyway.)

I do like to keep busy though – I feel like I am making some sort of difference when I am doing something…whether is be self-fulfilling or not. But is this an okay way to live?

You’re not supposed to eat on the go – this is a health fact. All meals, and even snacks, should be eaten at a designated eating spot (not in front of the TV or at your desk) while you are sitting down. If you have an eating companion, it is suggested that you converse while enjoying your food.

These little actions actually make you think more about what and how much you’re eating. And actually, eating dinner earlier in the evening is beneficial to your digestive system…but this is a whole different topic.

So we’re busy – right? Exactly.

Eating on the go is what we do, I do – I know you do it. It is just part of life. And while we are keeping busy, eating on the go makes all the sense in the world.

But while being busy may not benefit your daily schedule – rushing around – keeping busy, in my opinion, is good for your mind.

Do you ever get the “what-ifs”? Because I do. And I find that the busier I make myself, the less my mind races – because that little bugger can race! Keeping busy also makes me feel accomplished – I get tingly inside when I can make a to-do list and cross things off of it.

I must say though, the best part of being busy is the days that you have literally nothing to do and you can veg and be lazy – because then I sure as hell don’t feel bad about doing absolutely nothing!