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I think one of the funniest things about these mid-summer heat waves is the people who decide that THIS IS THE WEEK I WILL START RUNNING!

I typically see them at nine in the morning while I am on my way to work – and don’t get me wrong; I am all over and about fitness and exercise; but not in the hottest part of the day!

Sometimes, I want to pull over my car to the man in a t-shirt and sweatpants looking like he is about to pass out because it is already 90 degrees and sit him down and tell him: sir, run at night. wait until the temperature goes down. Or better yet! Wait until next week to start this exercise routine when the heat wave breaks.

There is also the phenomenon of people who MUST run on busy streets…like the ones that I take to work. This morning, for example; I saw a girl nearly get hit because she ran across the street while the cross street had a green light. The business man on the phone sipping his coffee ain’t got time for you, girl.

I try to pay attention to the local news this time of the year also to see how many paramedics had to rush to people’s aid from passing out running in the middle of the day from dehydration. What do these paramedics say to these people? And the doctors?

When I see you blatantly running on a crowded street on purpose – just so you are seen by as many people as humanely possible…all I really want to do is shove a Twinkie in your mouth and push you onto a side street.

New Jersey is going to get above 100 degrees today. Eat a salad for lunch and hang up the running shoes.

Be smarter, human race.