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One of my absolutely favorite things in the 90’s was the Oregon Trail and the awesome sounds the buffalo made when you had to shoot them in order to have enough meat (that would eventually go bad anyway) to keep your family alive and trying not to die from dysentary. And what happened if you made it to the end? A big old heap of nothing. Thanks uneventful computer games!oregon_trail_11But there are many other things that I loved about the 90’s:

  1. Super Mario Bros for Nintendo. I still have an NES system; and I still can kick some butt in Super Mario Bros 3 and Paperboy. paperboy_oldschool
  2. Glitter. “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.” – thank YOU Paris Hilton.
  3. The Spice Girls. Hanson. Backstreet Boys. Britney. NKOTB.
  4. Side ponys…which okay, to be honest, still happen on my head. I try for a middle of head regular pony, but they always fall to the side.
  5. Disney Channel movies. Zenon, please no more Zequels!
  6. Friendship bracelets – beads, string, hemp…I can still do it all.
  7. The minivan. So I actually didn’t love the minivan, but I did luck out with never having to drive it anywhere.
  8. Neon t-shirts and leggings.
  9. Twirly shoe laces! Also neon.
  10. Boom box anyone? Two tape decks to record your fave songs off of the radio to inevitable miss a few seconds – and then record your fave radio songs onto another mix tape for your BFF!
  11. Recorders. Worst invention ever created. Except if you were lucky enough to get a white one and took your collection of Sharpie markers to it so it was AWESOME. And you still couldn’t play it.
  12. AOL and that amazing squishy sound it made when you signed on.
  13. Gushers. Dunkaroos. Cheese and crackers with a red stick (coagulated cheese whiz?). I actually gagged a little bit after I found this photo. I am much more comfortable right now with my actual Ritz crackers and Laughing Cow cheese wheel.
  14. SCRUNCHIES!! Which do still exist and are actually way better for your hair then the thin hair ties we all use now, but I am quite sure I turned 14 and threw them all in the garbage.
  15. Notes. We didn’t have iPhones (or crappy flip phones for that matter) in the 90’s, and we all got insanely good at folding little bits of paper into convoluted origami to pass on to our friends or slip into their lockers.

(thank you google and the owners of these photos)