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So when I can’t find someone in the office; I go back to my desk to investigate…not try to force answers out of people who are unsure of your culprit’s whereabouts.

This action usually goes along with a very fake, confused look that screams “what do you mean you don’t know where this person is; how are you not telling me!!!” To which the deer caught in headlights usually responds: “I really have no idea where that person is, I don’t keep tabs.”

When someone pegs me as their personal investigator; I either pretend I don’t see them standing there looking around confused, or if they get to me I shrug and give no verbal response.

One thing that really gets to me in big business is the attitudes that people cop when you don’t have the response they are looking for. A lot of my time is spent being a go-between; so I am constantly shuffling information back and forth that the receiver does not understand. How does this happen? Because I try to please people and always offer to get things done.

People in big business never want to do things themselves, and always push tasks off on others. I am, unfortunately, kind of seeing why now.

It is kind of sad really, though, how people just delegate or push you off on someone else because they don’t want to deal with things. I am forever searching for the person that has the answer.

Many times I get, “that was already sent to your team.” Okay, so whom was it sent to? I don’t have a copy, so are you able to provide another? Do you even know what I am referring to?!?!

I try to be fair to all people: maybe they are having a bad day, perhaps they are getting extra work piled on them or maybe they really don’t have an answer (to which they can easily point me to someone else; or better yet, find out for themselves.)

Dear high up in business folks; I cannot read your minds or your e-mails. I am not able to do your job for you or take the fall for you.

But fear not, because I am excellent at follow-up; and I will not let you get out of duties that sometimes you just need to perform…no matter what your title is.