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One of my very good friends from college is getting married this weekend and I am so excited about it.

Holiday weekends are hard for everyone – and I have tons going on, so I am trying to just take my life one day at a time right now. Today and tomorrow are moving days; so I am freaking out about cleaning and organizing and getting everything set up before Thursday.

Thursday: July 4th. Watch this July 4th be a calm and collected holiday; but if it’s not and I miss out I am going to be so mad!!

Friday I can recover and clean and organize? I have no TV or internet in my new place yet, since I am waiting for the living room TV and stand to get delivered and I refuse to pay Comcast twice.

Saturday is the tip to the wedding, only about two hours away with a shuttle service to and from the hotel to the ceremony/reception. Woo hoo!

Sunday we get to take the trek back to New Jersey with a much anticipated stop in Philly for my first ever cheese steak – but we also have to make it back for slow-pitch softball finals by 2:30 on Sunday! If their team wins, game two follows directly after – and these dudes are in second place. This is a big deal.

So when will I have time to catch my breath?

I am beginning to think the answer to that is never; and that is perfectly okay 🙂