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Do you remember that 25 things that was trending on Facebook a few years ago? List 25 things about yourself and tag your friends who once they are tagged should do it too? Blah blah blah…

Well I just read mine, and one of the items was that I would own a house by the time I was 25. Owning one exactly five months to the day after turning 26 isn’t too shabby (especially because I wrote that crap when I was 22).

So it’s been four years and I will now tell you all 25 things about me:

  1.  I own a home!
  2. When I am extremely tired or sick I have the weirdest dreams.
  3. I have the worst skin at 26 then I ever have in my life and it’s really frustrating!
  4. My hair is actually straight. It’s not a joke or falsely straightened daily.
  5. I am kind of extremely lazy when it comes to certain things – like I can imagine straightening my hair daily.
  6. I still love reruns of Home Improvement, Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell. Add Boy Meets World to that queue now is 90s complete. And Friends, obviously.
  7. While I like to eat as clean as possible, I can’t resist ice cream!
  8. I own entirely too many articles of clothing. I plan to take an inventory upon moving so I can scare myself into reality and into getting rid of some things.
  9. If I had the opportunity to work any job I could, I would go back to the gym rat life. Aerobics instructor seems good right now.
  10. Diamond are not a girl’s best friend – I don’t do gaudy; jersey girl or not.
  11. I am a coffee addict. I can’t even say caffeine, because it might really just be coffee.
  12. I was born at the wrong time; if someone could successfully send me back to the 60s-70s; I would rock a sundress and long hair. Which I already do.
  13. Today I am wearing jeans from when I was 16 and DAMN proud of it!
  14. I don’t hate the notion of love; I am just cynical about it from the past. Same with the union of marriage. And children.
  15. I am not a big fan of Pinterest. I am a failure of my generation.
  16. I don’t like ‘da club’ and getting sweaty and drinking until I puke. Another reason I am a failure to my generation.
  17. I am genuinely happy when I hear people are doing well – regardless of how I really feel about them.
  18. I am not a fan of fast food.
  19. I am a fan of fine dining (pizza is just fine though).
  20. I am quite good at noticing grammatical errors: in speech or in writing.
  21. It is almost July, and I have yet to go down the shore; and that is not okay.
  22. Summer is my favorite time of the year.
  23. I have learned that it is best to just walk away.
  24. I like traditions. They can be new; but I want them to be a tradition.
  25. Upon reading the rest of my Facebook notes, I believe I was always destined to be a blogger.