I love BuzzFeed. I mean how much better do things get than silly lists of things I remembered from my childhood and funny cat photos – because let’s all get real. The Internet was obviously created for funny cat memes.

So down to the dirty now; some of my favorite things on the Internet right now:

  1. BuzzFeed: because as I mentioned above, who can’t waste time on this wonder.
  2. Tumblr: I love me a WordPress page; but Tumblr has nailed my attention span.
  3. The Secret Door: because who doesn’t want to go on fake Internet-vacations with sparkly music?! (I know you will click on this just to find out what ‘sparkly’ music actually is.)
  4. Goodreads: an online library bookshelf so you can finally remember what you wanted to read!
  5. Richard Branson’s blog: I doubt he really writes this, but who doesn’t love this man?!

Enjoy 🙂