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I am plain exhausted this week, and today is no exception.

So maybe all of what I am about to say is in my head; but let’s break it down:

  1. I am 100% over Internet Explorer now. I defended this little bad boy for years; but lately it has prevented me from properly using WordPress. I like your blog posts – I promise. Internet Explorer seems to not accept this and makes me look like an ass who doesn’t care about her fellow bloggers. I CARE I PROMISE!! I have been using Firefox for about a week now and I am totally on the bandwagon. Peace out, IE 23938409589239834905.
  2. The internet (maybe its a Firefox thing) has been playing background music…like guitar strums or some weird singing voices. Totally weird to me.
  3. One of my hallway lights is possessed; or maybe just the light bulb is wearing out. Either way, it has got me bugging.
  4. I currently have an unpleasant craving for garlic knots. Jersey girl is being so epically Jersey right now and DYING for room temperature garlic knots. With semolina crunchy crust pizza. Not thing crust…crunchy crust. Totes different.
  5. The Green Notebook Project is making my head hurt: como leche? No sense.

Time for some much needed coffee and probably an insane amount of sleep at some point this evening.

Over and out.