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So okay – I will be honest: I kind of love Throwback Thursday.


There is an awesome hip hop station that broadcasts out of New York (Hot 97; morning show is hilarious – Cipha Sounda and Rosenberg Show) that does epic Throwback Thursday 90s mixes every hour. I pine for these – maybe even making Thursday the new Friday!

So anyway, onward – I like the instagram pictures that show up on my feed of people as little babies and the funny songs of my childhood that I find in my Facebook newsfeed.

In my own crazy, weird little world that I live; every throwback should be to 1969 (August 15th – 18th, specifically…look it up) when the world was a little different and the music was Zeppelin and Pink Floyd (David Gilmour was so dreamy).

Which brings me to my next point – what can we really classify as a throwback? Pepsi Throwback; anyone remember that? Real sugar in soda? Hip hop 90s snip-its? My Jim Morrison totebag? Clothes from college that still fit? The Backstreet Boys?!

Until I can figure out what the rules are; here is my throwback for today: