I manage to find random bruises all over my body.

How do I get these? I usually have no idea. Many times I find them the morning after a totally non-drinking evening. Today, I discovered three.

So, it is almost a given that when I drink, even if its ONE glass of wine, that I will wake up with at least one bruise. The non-drinking ones are the pesky little suckers that get the though.

This morning I scratched my left temple to feel a knot and bump – yet no visible bruise…only the under the skin wonder that is some broken blood vessels (I think thats what they are, anyway) – that I am guessing is from when I opened my car door into my face. Later, an arm scratch led me to find a vast lump on my right bicep; again, no visible bruise but the mishap with the door frame left a mark. And there is a good old shiner on my left shin from a coffee table incident.

So no, I don’t live with anemia – my bruises hardly even show up! I think I am just a lucky soul with terrible depth perception and a flair for not being aware of my surroudings. Maybe it’s time to put my contacts in…