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The Today Show was live from Seaside today, celebrating the Grand Re-Opening of our beloved Jersey Shore.

I will admit, I got a little teary-eyed watching Chris Christy talk so personally about the shore – his work and selfish-less-ness has brought a huge surge of us Jersey-ians together since that bitch Sandy ruined our coast.

We are Jersey Strong; whether that be our bad attitudes, huge personalities or all-around explicit nature. The gym is a given – tanning salons a blessing; and even a crushing a Coors Light wide-mouth can is ingrained in our human nature.

The boardwalk at Seaside and Point Pleasant will fry anything: oreos, Snickers bars…dough? I’ve seen fried Coca-Cola before. You can get greasy sandwiches and pizza too big to hold, and if you’re really hungry…you stack on on top of the other; do the “fold” and enjoy.

And who can forget EJs, Beachcomber, The Beach Bar and Tiki Bar – we have all wasted way too much time and money there and all for one final outcome: a buzzed feeling usually ending with a screaming match and some pizza.

So as MDW kicks-off and summer officially begins, let’s all take a moment to appreciate all the Jersey has to offer (and you should all visit too)

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