So I have noticed that lately Blue Eyes and I whine incessantly about how tired we are. I noticed him doing it first, and took it as far as to tell him that maybe he should change his diet. Then I realized that I was exhausted too and I am crazy about my well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

So what is it?

Allergies are at some crazy all-time high and runny noses and sneezing are running rampant. That can make you tired, for sure.

This insane hot, cold, warm, freezing weather is driving me (and my closet) bonkers. I can’t ever seem to get it right with my outfit choices – and no matter what the weather channel says; they are wrong!! Please Al Roker; I count on your every morning! I do believe that weather can make you tired.

Even though I stick to a healthy diet; I have noticed that with the warmer weather I am just not as hungry or turned off by seasonal food items. I have been interested in hot dogs and mac & cheese for three weeks and nothing else. No weird summer cravings (watermelon) that I usually get – just totally uninterested in anything placed in front of me. I guess that it a good thing for the bikini weather; but still very strange! Not eating much will defintiely make you sleepy.

To this I say: coffee pot, please brew your coffee faster! Four more weeks of Spring to go!