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  1. I went to pick up my pool passes in the condo office yesterday, and a woman stopped me to ask if my hair was real (this hasn’t happened in a few years, so actually kind of exciting) and then proceeded to touch it. It was strange.
  2. I usually try to pay it forward with karma and let people go in front of my when traffic is slow. I genuinely dislike when I let a person go that ends up being a terrible driver.
  3. I ordered carpet from Lowes. That made me feel like a full-fledged adult. I get special financing on the order since it is quite large. First world homeowner probs?
  4. Sometimes, I really want a hotdog. Not often, but sometimes. Today is one of those days that I am jonesing for a hotdog.
  5. I complained and whined (offline) about the month to six weeks of intense workouts I was doing were resulting in nothing – they finally are. And I still want a hotdog.