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Yet, I do it.

Do I feel like I am accomplishing something great with my day when I run? Possibly. Do I feel like I am going to pass out because my lung are about to collapse during the action? Absolutely.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I feel great after a run. Heart pumping, blood moving and able to take in massive amounts of oxygen that you almost thought you never would taste again. It is a great feeling. I am kind of a freak about the post-workout muscle exhaustion; and let’s be real…running accomplishes that.

Cardio is definitely my fave; kickboxing classes and aerobics are fun, ridiculous and exhausting. They combine strength and movement that you really can’t get from plain running; and I find them to be more satisfying.

Even the elliptical is great. I like getting my sweat on with that crazy machine. Any boy, do I get a sweat on! I don’t understand the women that can do crazy intense workouts and still manage to have perfect hair and make-up; but that is a totally different post (which, after a quick search does not look like I have written yet!)

After many years of being a gym rat (not self-proclaimed; also a bit cranky) I find that people are constantly telling me, “I LOVE RUNNING!!!” I am officially calling shenanigans. What is this obsession with loving running? Why are celebrities gripped with getting their photos taken while they are running? Is that why people say they love running, because celebrities get their photos taken?

I am sure there are people out there in the world that really do love running, but I am taking a (athlete’s) stand and shouting loudly to the world: