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 I am definitely not good with directions – this is no secret. I get lost in ridiclous places that I should not at all…sometimes even with the GPS and Google Maps on my phone.

I use MapQuest a lot – even if I am just using it as a basis; something to compare to. But many times I find myself using MapQuest to only look at the map and to make my own route only to ignore their proposed route.


So now I need (and want) a service that will allow me to get said proposed route and map out my own plan of directions and give me that mileage and time and distance – and to tell me if it even makes sense!

This type of service, to someone like me, would give hours back into my life on a yearly basis so I can make up my own directions; get the list and the map and print them out – because we all know that GPS is not a fan of changing the route – REROUTING REROUTING!!!!!!!

Google Maps for iPhone does give you the option of three different paths to take, but again – what if they aren’t the ones that I choose?! I need this option of picking and choosing what I think may be correct; and not to just turn down a road and wait for the maps to catch up to me.

If this service exists; someone please tell me!!