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When it is time to start moving?

People vanish from your life into dark alley ways so you are unable to find them; regardless of how much you do for them.

Paint starts to build up under your fingernails and it looks like you have had your hands beaten into oblivion.

You have cuts and bruises covering your feet because dropping heavy items, that you as a tiny girl should not be carrying alone, get dropped in your feet.

You acquire strange tan lines from being outside in “painting clothes” that are not flattering and do not make you look like you know what you are doing…because you don’t.

There is this strange phenomenon of a time crunch when it is finally time to start the process. Who know cleaning, painting and hiring people to do work for you would be such a looming experience?

Coffee becomes more of a best friend.

Fitness classes start to hurt again because you have been hunched over and crawling around on your hands and knees in order to accomplish simple tasks.

You spend too much money. Period.

You learn quickly, as a new homeowner, that being organized from the get-go was actually a good plan. And everyone you talk to will try to tell you how you should organize your life. And you don’t listen.

It is probably like having a baby…because there are way too many opinions that are getting tossed to you. So, you smile and move on.

Toilet paper. And light bulbs. And hand soap.