There are very few people in this world that I am okay having touched me. 

This excludes massages and pedicures and stuff; but just in general touching. Most times when I am touched I get skeeved out to the point of gagging and goose bumps. When I am comfortable with a person touching me, I try to not let them go.


Maybe it’s a trust thing? I don’t know – but I have never been inappropriately touched in my life, so it’s not like this phobia stems from anything in particular…I just like my space. The worst thing that someone can do to me is touch my neck – I will scream like a wild banshee. 

Now the people okay to touch…I don’t know how I decide that they are okay. I can count on one hand who they are; and none of them fall in to some criteria that my psyche has developed. 

I have been asked too many times why I am a freak about this, and I never have a good answer – I just am. I appreciate I good bit of personal space: no close talkers, no over-the-shoulder readers and definitely no random shoulder rubbers. Ick.