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When I graduated high school in 2005, MySpace was living strong and Facebook was only for cool kids in college. 

That summer after high school was an interesting time – no unlimited text messaging, packing your life away to get ready for school and not knowing who, if anyone, you were ever going to see again. 

Insert Facebook.

facebook1 I remember getting my shiny new laptop set up and sitting at my dining room table with one of my friends who pretty much sat me down and gave me my Facebook account. Now, mind you, at this point in my life I was not very in to these fancy schmancy internet things. At this point in time, I hadn’t turned AOL Instant Messenger on in about a year (AIM alias…JackieEatWorld :)). 

And so I started in on this Facebook journey of gaining high school friends and getting random friend requests from people at my new school who were also sanctioned to living in my dorm. It was quite exciting! And extremely easy to use. 

Stalking on this old Facebook was just that: Stalking. You had to actively go to someone’s page to see what they were doing – because a Facebook status used to tell you “Random Person is…” There were no timelines or wall photos. I think mobile uploads were done through a text message service. You posted photos from the party last night by downloading pictures from your digital camera to your computer, using the upload thingy on Facebook, taking 12 years to caption each photo and tag each person. 

This is so great! I am never using MySpace again (delete MySpace account) – who ever knew something could be so college-friendly and exclusive! 

It is now eight years later and the year 2013 and Facebook has become a free-for-all. Timeline, okay fine…but how come you can’t unsubscribe to everyone? This makes no sense to me. And game requests? Can I block all game requests somehow? I don’t want them and I have blocked 19,385 of them already…and there are still more! 

One thing Facebook has done right is Fan Pages – keeping real people real and companies to stay companies. But this little aspect does not over look the fact that events were supposed to be for house party invites – not club openings where people add their entire “friend” list to the invite. 

And let’s discuss what eight years later has also done – iPhones and unlimited text messaging. And moving home after college. I know every single thing about every single person that I see every single week. All from the confines of a car while someone is driving to the grocery store. 

It is great to keep up with people you went to high school with (and in my case fall for one and start dating him four years later) but how is my 10 year high school reunion going to be exciting? I already know who got fat, who has an awesome job…who is married, divorced, pregnant, happy, miserable, hungry, tired, walking, working, gym-flowing, what everyone is eating for dinner…you get my point. 

Exclusivity was exciting way back when, and I am still trying to be sold on this constant communication and incessant life updates.