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The weather during the month of April in New Jersey is always odd.

Sometimes there is a freak snow storm, or it rains the entire month – sometimes it is like the summer time. So this week, we are having highs of 80 degrees, the sun is shining and summer clothes have broken free from people’s closets.

The problem?

Espadrilles. White linen pants. Open toed shoes sans pedicures.

The weather outside is delightful, the outfits are oh so frightful. Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) is still a few weeks away, and any person hovering slightly around the fashion world knows these summer clothing items are not to break free from their chains in the back of the closet yet!

I did choose a dress today; but paired it realistically with a black cardigan and black ballet flats – and a messy, blonde top bun because I just couldn’t help myself.

The big problem with this weather is what is going on in my mind right now. I stare wistfully out the window, dreaming about being down the shore and day drinking.

What I wouldn’t give for a whiffle ball game right now. Or a Corona Margarita. Slice of watermelon?

Give me my oversized sunglasses, a lounge on the beach and a bloody mary in my hand; and you can
tell ‘em I just sailed away.