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Do you ever have one of those weekends where on Monday you feel totally exhausted, but in a good way?

That is today.

Nothing in particular happened; but I am swimming in paint chips and cardboard boxes, trying as hard as I can to organize myself for the big move. I started moving pieces of furniture to the garage…which is becoming quite the collection area…and boxed up many categories of belongings.

Everything, naturally, is labeled and patiently waiting.

This past week I also sort of took a break from all of it – a chance to breathe and stop thinking constantly where all of my sweaters will go and how many pairs of shoes I can realistically take with me.

Everyone also has an opinion. About how to move, what I should take and get rid of – how to decorate and what colors to use. I think this is making me think less about how I will get everything done because I know it is going to be a slow process and take a few weeks to paint and get new carpeting and all that type of stuff. I know I won’t be able to walk in and put my stuff away and be done.

It’s exhausting to say the least – but I am definitely looking forward to the final outcome.