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I don’t know what it is that I do, but seriously…technology always gets the best of me.

Any computer that I need to use on a regular basis manages to have all sorts of problems: Internet Explorer randomly “not working”, freezing in the middle of a word document or plain shutting itself off. My computer in college – I get that. Aptly named Lunchbox, that beast got abused – and still made it through 7 years! My new laptop gets used sparingly and turned off regularly and stayed plugged in so the battery doesn’t get ruined and blah blah blah. My work computer? A screaming distaster.

Cell phones are another form of technology that escapes me. I have an iPhone 5…upgraded from an iPhone 4…both of which have terrible battery life (okay, I play games…I will admit that much) but also have weird habits. The iPhone 5 loses text messages. I wish I was making this up; but I will see two text messages from the same person in the display screen, go in to the conversation and POOF! At least one of them is gone, forcing me to ask the person what they said and sort of making me look like a jerk. Thankfully, this happens mostly to one of my dearest friends and my boyfriend…so they get the drill.

iTunes. New computer. Took me 3 hours to figure out how to transfer iTunes from old to new computer. Side note: it’s an easy process. Burning a CD? Forget it…took my two weeks. This, I will admit, is 100% my fault – short attention span and a lack of techy knowledge makes figuring things out hard sometimes!

Want a rundown of old cell phones that now live in a cemetery in a drawer in my room? Keep in mind this does not take in to consideration the AWESOME phone line I had all to myself – because this kids, was ace 13 years ago.
1. Brick Nokia. Best phone in the world. Green background, no camera, no text messages and good old T9 texting technology. This thing was like the all-powerful Wizard of Oz of cell phones. It could get wet, run over by a car (I was 17…the age for a NJ driver’s license…and had a bit of a mishap…and the phone lasted two years) and even got thrown against a wall through a plant during a hissy fit! It was free with a two year plan and I was 15. I had zero choice in the matter, just so over excited for a cell phone (this was 11 years ago, so I guess it was still exciting then) only to come to the realization that maybe only 4 other people had cell phones and the only people who called me were my parents. Fail.
2. Brick Nokia. This one was color, still had snake but offered one of the best cell phone features in the world! No, not text messaging…volume buttons on the side. 17 years old and everyone was mobile so there was a lot of conversing via cell phone in these days…side volume buttons were AWESOME! Just like its predecessor, never lost service, refused to break and it was color! It also had this goofy feature where you could call a 1-800 number and they would text you a random monotone ringtone for only the 10 cents of the text message!
3. Flippy Nokia. This thing was a PIECE! It was fancy though – camera, 100 text messages a month, the ability to upload photos to Facebook through an e-mail/texting thingy that I can’t remember how it works (and all you had to do was add the caption and tags in later!), color, side volume control, Snake 2!!!!!, the fetchest feature of reading your texts on the outside screen…so many features. And guess what? In two years I went through 4 of them. One the display retina on the inside cracked and bled, one completely fell apart when it was flipped open, one the display retina on the outside cracked and bled (this was actually kind of fun because you had to play a guessing game of what text messages said) and another one fell in a cooler. That was my fault…Preakness got the best of me. YouTube it. I promise…it’s a good time. The last one by the end was held together by blue masking tape. It was a disaster.
4. The famous LG Shine. Not only did I go through a few of these, but the outsides of it fell off ALL THE TIME. I tried super glue, blue masking tape, Gorilla glue. Nothing. Simple phone, slides up to answer and type. Everything else can be done from the outside screen, which when left alone was a mirror and turned into a super bright display screen. The display was awesome and the camera was actually quite good. The main downfall? Aside from constantly falling apart? The debate in the AT&T store – if I upped my text messages (400 a month…hellooooo!!!) I had zero internet and no way to share my photos to Facebook. Terrible plan option. The iPhone 3 was around when I got this LG Shine; I turned it down because I was still in college and was scared of having a nice phone. In retrospect I should have sucked it up and gotten the nice phone and been grandfathered into unlimited data…but at 21 years old not what you’re thinking about.
5. The iPhone 4. No need to explain. Broke the screen on one; didn’t have insurance and had Apple Care and I don’t know exactly how it worked out but I have friends in high places in Apple and got a new one for $100. I still haven’t asked questions on this one.
6. iPhone 5. Still on the first (knocks on wood). Case is totally ruined but AT&T has a warranty on them if they break up to one year and this bad boy is only 5 months old. Got it the day before Hurricane Sandy hit and had to walk around for 10 days with no screen protector and no case. Needless to say, going from a thick cover on the iPhone 4 to a naked iPhone 5 in the midst of a crisis is scary. Good thing there was no place to go during the aftermath of the storm because there was no electricity anywhere…so the phone survived its first natural disaster with no safety precautions in place on it.

The kicker with all of these phones is that I kept each one for the 2 year plan. A few of them had to be replaced, but I only had to pay for the replacement of the iPhone 4. And now for your viewing pleasure; The Preakness.