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So office life has led me to another discovery – Casual Friday.

It’s great to wear jeans to work: get a little laid back from black, stretchy, wool pants and various tops and cardigans; to wear some flowy tanks and fun printed button downs paired with, of course, a pair of Minnetonka moccasins.

 Now, what does casual Friday mean to you?

Apparently, to some people in the corporate world, it means something VERY different then jeans, a button down and some comfy flats.

The two main culprints? Hooker/nightclubbing attire or Saturday cleaning out the garage.

The hooker chic look confuses me – knee high boots over skin tight skinny jeans with a tank top barely covering your midsection with a loosely placed open shirt on top. Even if you look good, this is not appropriate; and (naturally), I am going to tell you why.

If you are going out after work and want to be ready for it, okay; I get it. So fix your hair and makeup before work and change in the bathroom before you leave! Not that hard. If you are trying to impress a co-worker; just top. BELIEVE ME – you do not want to date a co-worker. Been there, done that…and guess what? Everyone was right, it ends badly.

On to cleaning the garage. Stained clothes (that you knew about the stain ahead of time, I have spilled coffee during the day and there is nothing you can do about it!) are only ever appropriate if you are at home putzing around.

Wearing jeans to work doesn’t mean you are not in an office setting. And please, I beg of you – don’t ruin it for everyone else!