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The first surgery I ever had (and only!) was getting my tonsils taken out at 19. 

Me and about 15 five-year-olds were hanging out in recliner chairs with IVs stuck in our arms waiting patiently (me) or impatiently (everyone else) to be next in the operating room.

Cryptic tonsils (Google it, if you aren’t squeamish) are a condition where the tonsils soak up all of the germs, but don’t release them; causing them to become insanely enlarged – and in my case, touch each other! This made eating quite the difficult task as I am sure you can imagine. Albeit a great diet plan… 

Anyway, food would constantly get stuck back there and I would have to almost gag myself trying to get it out, it was just awful – but milkshakes were a plenty in those days! So: tonsils out, the needed weight gained back and on to sophomore year of college after a few weeks of pain killers and sun tanning. 

Fast forward seven years and my wisdom teeth are now coming in! I was a blessed child to never have endured braces and the teeth are actually coming in perfectly straight. Sounds nice, right? Not so much. 

My teeth are moving around a little bit, and never having had braces I am slightly appalled at this natural behavior. The dentist said that as we age, teeth shift. I said no dice, sir. Food is not getting caught in my back of the line teeth that refuse to just grow in completely and leave me be. But alas, I don’t need surgery to get them removed and I refuse to get braces at 26 years old (Invsalign or not, I have come this far.) 

Sigh, getting older is a pain.