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I am proclaiming it: I am a toe nail judger. 

We all don’t have time or the means for regular pedicures, and I hate getting them when you know you are shoving your feet in pumps and your big toe is going to get all smooshed up. So…I get it. Cutting them down and slapping on a coat of polish at home is a quick, cheap and easy process. hobbit_feet

What I don’t get is nasty, thick, yellowy corn chip toenails attached to hobbit feet. In sandals; proudly displayed to the world. Sometimes I feel compelled to ask these individuals why they insist on wearing sandals when a simply application of socks and shoes (or even socks and sandals if the sandals are that important). 

Is this a statement? Do people really not care? Are they proud? I have so many questions and I just really don’t understand why a pumice stone and a nail clipper are so foreign. And okay, a foot/nail issue…I also get that. These things happen – but again, socks??? 

Toes can be an accessory too.