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I feel like every day that I go on Facebook; another person my age has gotten engaged. Now, I am 100% not ready for an engagement by any means. Nor do I think I need one to be complete, but this is the point we are at in our lives where people tend to start to settle down. Or even just think about settling down. 

I always thought I would be a young bride and mother (before the quarter life crisis happened). There was a time when I was 23 and foolish and blissful…and probably had rosy red cheeks. Now at 26, I am cynical and live with my guard up.

 I would like to remind the blogging world that a 26 year old cynic does not mean a 26 year old unhappy person. I am quite happy with life. I have a solid foundation and people to lean on and a (kind of boney) shoulder for anyone who needs it.

 I know I am not the only person my age who thinks this way. It is kind of a running joke among many people that I know. It is like that episode of Friends, the one where Chandler and Monica get engaged and Phoebe and Rachel decide how much jealous vs. happy they are for their chums.

 But I’m not jealous. I am happy for people my age that can take that leap of faith and move forward with their lives, knowing they have found “the one”. I wish them all the best.

 And maybe someday my time will come, but until that is I will keep breathing steady and blinking regularly.