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In an effort to get organized and downsize before my move, I have taken my To Do list to a whole new level.

Each month has my tasks, whittled down to specifics for each day. This makes getting through things easier; take them one at a time. I am quite sure there are a few people who think I am insane and can just toss everything in a bag and walk out the door – not the case. I have 26 years of stuff to go through.

I have been feeling reminiscent – it is a strange juxtapose. But I have been finding some great (and weird) accoutrement. For example:

 concert tickets

How do I part with some of this stuff? (Not that I would ever part with these ticket stubs!!) Throwing the first few bags out was hard; now it is getting easier – but there are still some things I am just not ready to rid of yet. So what do I do? Get a fancy photo box and fill it with keepsakes and move it around with me everywhere I go for the next 60 years?

It is definitely an impasse…one that I don’t quite know how I want or need to handle yet. I keep being told, “you have tons of time” and “don’t rush in to things” but I really fear that I will be stuck in the 11th hour scrambling if I don’t go about this the way I have.

I may be nutty, but I do hope this will ease my apprehensions towards the end of this long, long process.