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So I like to read. I keep a note in my phone of a reading list so I can visit the library and not feel completely overwhelmed. 

But the library is just that – overwhelming. 

Sometimes, I just don’t know what I am in the mood for, and browsing at the library is just an insane task. There are so many titles and authors, and try to get a book off the shelf – and then back on – while keep the nice, neat rows is nearly impossible. 

The internet is a great deal of help when searching for different titles to read. By logging on to my county’s library system web site I can put books on hold and be notified by e-mail when they are ready to pick up, but I still find myself at a loss of what I am in the mood for. 

And that is just another problem. Many times I will start a book and just not be in the mood for it. I will put it down and push it to the back of my mind only to find that I am ready for it when it is due in two days. Renewing is the clear choice, but it usually ends up on the bottom of my reading list to be tried again in a few months. 

Now, I do really enjoy mindless books. Chick-lit that I don’t need to think about or search for the hidden meanings – this makes life unequivocally easier. I just find that I sometimes get so annoyed that I have a due date for the book and I refuse to spend $15 for a new copy at the book store. It’s a catch 22 for certain. 

Is this ever going to change? Definitely not. Unless someone down the road implants Nook type chips into our brains and we can read just by thinking about it…but who knows.