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Hair salons are great: cuts, highlights and head massages – what can go wrong?! 

Working for commission. I would NEVER in a million years slam anyone for making an honest living – and if working for commission is how people live, then more power to them. But every time I go to get highlights or a pedicure I always leave feeling a little crustier.

Think about it – how many times have you been relaxing in your heated pedicure chair getting fancy feet just for the hell of it and someone comes up real close to you and asks “do you want an eyebrow wax too?” I didn’t know my eyebrows were bad!!! Are they bad?! Is this person seeing something that I didn’t this morning?!?! What is happening!!!!!

hair-salon-60sI generally tend to say “no thank you” to these advances, knowing in the back of my head that if they have an open waxing station and a free hand why not make $8? I try to not get offended when told my cuticles could use a cleaning up or “just a trim” will clean up those damaged ends. I don’t even blow dry or flatiron my hair!

I always get super nervous when I go to another salon for a trim or to get my nails done for whatever various reason there is, and then take the trip back to my regular salon for the next go around. They always know! They know they didn’t cut your cuticles or angle your hair a certain way. 

It’s a guilty affair.