Ice cream is a fan favorite. Really, what is more satisfying, versatile and complete then ice cream? 

You like a hot snack? Fried ice cream.
Cold snack? Straight up served.
Fruit? Banana split.
Crunchy? Add some crunch bar.
Salty? Salted caramel bits.
Multiple flavors? No problem – get three scoops! 

These new, fancy frozen yogurt places are insane too. Red velvet cake swirled with cream cheese frosting flavors and topped with mini chocolate chips? The world has come far; and I am appreciative of this. 

Need a tried and true pick me up? Turkey Hill is in every store that has a freezer – mint chocolate chip never tasted better then the tinted green and slightly dry texture of Turkey Hill. 

Ice cream is what it is, and it doesn’t need to be flashy or fancy. Hand me a chocolate and vanilla soft serve swirl in a cup doused in rainbow sprinkles and I am literally the happiest girl on the planet for the 8-15 minutes it will take me to devour it.


Rarely will you see an ice cream shop going out of business – who doesn’t enjoy getting this cool and sweet treat after a rough and tumble sporting event? Taking a quick visit to Kohr’s on the Seaside boardwalk is always the best addition to getting out of the sun and to cool down in an arcade. It is such an enjoyable treat. 

No matter what, there are just some things in this world that I will not give up, and I am happy to say that ice cream is one of them.