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I have been inspired. 

Why mid-February? I don’t know…and I know I am six weeks too late, but I don’t think bettering yourself should have a time limit or a date of initiation or anything like that. 

This online blogging world has opened my eyes to a ton of new things:
Out-of-the-box and very yummy cooking
Inspiring daily anecdotes
And good old-fashion inspiration 

I have made some new “friends”:
Tranquil Dreams
A Physical Perspective

And even reconnected with some old :):
Splendiferous Everything 

But what I am actually reeling from at this moment is my decision as a 26-year-old girl to buy a condo. Yes; become a homeowner. While the steps are still being taken, it has lifted a huge weight off of my chest to take this leap of faith (as my dad pointed out, what really are you saving that money for? A new car or a new house…don’t need a new car right now). It is scary yes, but empowering. 

Freakishly empowering. 

My first thought was buying a unit (condo speak, for all of you single family home owners) with TONS of closet space and a generous kitchen. The kicker, is the first unit I saw is my dream home; so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can really find a perfect place – maybe this is luck! And not a dwelling, but an actual home. I can picture what colors the walls will be and the signature scent for all candles and Glade Plug-Ins that succumb. 

Living with my parents makes this all that much funnier, because every conversation surrounds “your new home” like I already own it! – which, for the record, I do not; but the proper steps are being taken in the order they are supposed to.

I have started gutting out my life; getting rid of everything I don’t need and downsizing and accepting the fact that I do not own a manageable amount of belongings. Clothes and shoes are finally being removed from my closets – I have been the same size for over ten years, mind you – and non-essentials are being forgotten about completely. 

I started my “bettering myself year” (in February) by making a page in my nifty carry-around notebook of each month and making measureable goals for myself. Realistic and achievable, I already feel accomplished. Things like in the month of June I will not eat fried foods and in April I will rid my closet of three items of clothing a week. 

This was then followed-up with a print out of each month, where I can highlight and write in the boxes daily. Color-coded to perfection, I am planned out daily through the end of March. On February 13th (tomorrow!) I will clean out and organize all of my paperwork – I mean I probably don’t need my explanation of benefits package from a job I left over a year ago! On March 13th I will purge every educational item I have collected from higher education (PR from 2007-2008 is moot at this point anyway…social media marketing wasn’t in existence in those text books!)

One task each day. Just one. I can do a significant amount of them while I sit in front of the TV – but they must get done. Some will take 5 minutes, some will take 2 hours – but the point is they will be done. They will be crossed off the list and neatly packaged and put away. 

All for the greater good of a new home that I can call all my own. 

I feel good, like really good. I don’t even need to think of a fancy vocab word to stick there; but it is just how I feel. Good. 

WordPressers out in the world – wish me luck! This is a big and fantastic step; realistic and attainable in all of its glory. And it is all mine.

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.