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Beer Pong is actually a real thing. Not just a house party phenom. And it is quite fascinating. 

Blue Eyes is really good…like really good. He plays in tournaments for money. People play for money. People organize tournaments. Huge tournaments in ballrooms of hotels…and in Atlantic City and Vegas. It is enthralling.

Beer Pong

Now, with any good competition; there are rankings. Beer pong is a partner sport, so partners are ranked together…local level, state level and national level. You can be a beer pong force to be reckoned with! 

My favorite part of these tournaments are the weekday ones. Of course a bar is trying to draw a crowd on an off night, so a well-known beer pong night will have people traveling far to come for libations. The contestants generally entered to play are mid-to-late twenties with jobs and benefits…maybe married with children. Not a 21-year-old college kid who doesn’t have a Friday class the next day. 

Functioning members of society, pitchers of beer and red Solo cups. Life is complete.