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I read as many books as I can. Mindless books, things I don’t have to think to hard about. Silly, goofy and light hearted.

The issue? My attention span.

Sometimes I find myself reading while my mind is wandering off in a million different directions. I will look, and I mean really look – not just glaze over – at the page I am on and realize that I have no idea what is going on. I must have missed a whole page or two.

So backtracking I go.

I find I do this often while I am reading, which is sad because I feel like books should take you away from your real life and allow you access to someone else’s life, a rich fantasy (or some drunk girl who lost her phone and the guy that finds it is her one true love) of not-so-subtle characters finding themselves.

This attention span issue does not always make reading easy, and surprisingly; I can focus better on a task when I have some background noise. Reading at the gym or with the radio on helps exponentially, and in a calm and quiet room all of the what-ifs crawl into my brain. I have always hoped that this is a regular occurrence among my peers!

Other times when I read, I find myself reading and understanding the words, but not comprehending anything I am reading. I know what I am reading, and I know what I should understand; but that pesky paragraph about ordering coffee and spilling down the front of a sundress will not, by any means, stick in my memory.

I have been told I am a dreamer, and maybe this blog backs up this claim – so if reading a book makes my mind wander beyond ordinary limits, then I say let the dreamer escape.