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One of my favorite office activities is out-smarting business men.

The look of complete awe that comes across their faces when they realize, “oh crap, this girl isn’t an idiot” is pure joy for me. Looking like you are 20 in the business world is not easy. I bite my lip daily while people speak down to me; but alas, those golden moments when I can say my piece and use words too big for Mr. I’m Too Important.

Let us be real – we, as young female professionals, will someday rule the corporate world and be “too busy for semantics” (yes, I actually heard someone say this not too long ago!) I just hope we don’t lose sight of the suffering we have been put through; we need to stand up to our counterparts and turn around in twenty years and look through their foreheads as they speak and refuse to make eye contact or listen to one single syllable that comes out of their mouth.

Or remember their names.