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I found a recipe for homemade chocolate – like the kind you can use to make chocolate covered pretzels. Now, I can’t for the life of me remember where I found it but it stood out to me because there is no wax involved and I feel like I can probably manipulate it to make it super chocolately. 

By using flour and sugar (and maybe an egg?) it looks like it will thicken itself enough to settle nicely on something chocolate covered. It calls for vanilla flavoring and I thought why not use hazelnut flavor and try to recreate a sort of Nutella-esque covering.

So off to the grocery store I went knowing that there are about 10 different kinds of artificial flavoring – and in small bottles since I will probably only need to use two or so teaspoons. But, alas, the grocery store has no artificial hazelnut flavoring. How is this possible? 

I suppose I could go to a candy store or Michael’s or something – but I am slightly disappointed with the flavoring companies of the world. How is this something not streamlined in a grocery store?! 

I need Martha Stewart to give me a lesson on where to find these rarities!