First Sick Week of 2013 has hit day 3 and I have been non-stop chugging water. 

I am a water FANATIC and drink probably too much of it; even though I still think that is not possible, but people never hesitate to tell me to relax with on the water consumption. So while I have been drinking more than usual this week I am actually getting a little sick of it. Adding in Crystal Light is making the drinking of it a little more tolerable but is also making my throat more irritated. 

Conundrum, world – conundrum. 

My chai tea tastes awful with honey in it and I really need some cucumbers for my puffy eyes. Or maybe I can use all these leftover tea bags and have a sticky face. 

I am also starving, but any type of food I think about is making me sick to my stomach…even cereal. My go-to food is disgusting to me right now: my Honey Nut Cheerios. 

Stupid sinuses.

The actual video creeps me out too much!