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Over the weekend my mom asked me a really good question; and I didn’t have to give a second thought to my answer – which I had before she even finished her question. 

If you got $10,000 for any vacation, what would it be?

This doesn’t have to be some crazy vacation – or it could be. Would you spend it all on one crazy night in Vegas, or would you rent an RV and drive cross country (us East Coasters can start at home, making this much easier.) Time is not a factor either, you can take all the time off of work that you need without repercussions. 

My answer (as my Christmas tan is fading): Hawaii. I would want to visit each island and stay for at least a week and go hiking and fishing and take surfing lessons. I would hire a guide, someone to show me the best places to eat and the off-the-beaten-path kinds of things to see. No resorts, just beautiful, sunny beaches and a fantastic companion to spend my down time with.