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These blogging awards really make me happy!

To be honest though, my favorite part of them is seeing who else has been nominated along with you and getting the opportunity to become acquainted with new walks of life.

Mike’s Film Talk gave me this nod for an award; a great blog about…well films, but also random musings with a friendly and upbeat flair. My kind of blog.

There are always stipulations when it comes to “accepting” these awards – which means you need to be honest, because the blogging world is an honeset one – and put your award on your site for all to see. I probably think about these too much, because it takes me a week or so to get to my acceptance speech; but here goes.

The Rules:

  • Thank whoever nominated you – its polite and fun to brag about someone else a little bit!
  • Answer the “sweet” questions – now brag about yourself!
  • Nominate a “baker’s dozen” – because let’s face it, 13 cupcakes is always better than 12! (always be sure to drop a line at each nominee’s site, so they know they are nominated!)

The Sweet Questions:

1. Cookies or cake? Birthday cake. Although I make some pretty fantastic cookies!

2. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate for the most part – unless it is soft serve; then the swirl!

3. What is your favorite sweet treat, cheesecake or frozen yogurt? I am an absolute candy addict; but I will have to go with froyo on this one – have you been to Fruity Yogurt?! Red Velvet cake froyo with chocolate chips? And it’s non-fat!

4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Hmmm…is always an acceptable response?

5. If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? This is a funny one, because I really can’t think of anything…

And The Nominees Are (in no particular order):

  1. Chit Chat and all of That
  2. Hope* the happy hugger
  3. Rantings of an Amateur Chef
  4. The Foodies
  5. Diary of a House Elf
  6. Moxie Girl Productions
  7. Miss Ayo Dele
  8. Multiple Sarcasms
  9. Fructose Free Me
  10. My Life, My Way, My Words
  11. Tranquil Dreams
  12. A Word in Your Ear
  13. 1girl50states
Super Sweet Blogger Award

          Super Sweet Blogging Award