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You can tell a lot about a person from what type of taco they prefer to eat.

A hard-shelled taco lover will attack the taco with no regard for beefy and cheesy chunks falling onto the plate along with each crunchy bite. The taco is a challenge, one that hopefully will require no fork – but a race to the finish while managing to keep the least amount of innards off the plate as possible. A hard taco does not get put down midway through, no! A crunchy shell remains in the hand of the consumer until fully devoured.

A soft-shelled taco eater has a taco eating tactic that will be followed through until the meal is finished. Each taco is carefully wrapped with the perfect amount of insides, not too much that there will be a messy end to the meal. The consumer of the soft-shelled taco knows how to keep the innards contained; taking each bite controlled and steady.

A make-your-own taco night, as we all know, is one of the best wine drinking girls’ nights you can have. Easy to cook and throw together, cheap and always delicious, this type of evening pleases the masses. These nights are the perfect excuse to gossip, slug boxed wine and eat freely until your heart desires with not a judgment in sight. What can get better?

Toppings are a very important part to any taco night. Numerous choices will please many – anything from grated cheese or tomatoes to spicy salsa or raw onions – keeping it different will keep ‘em coming back for more.

Feed your friends, bloggers. I wish I had enough tact to think of some great recipe to include with this post, but for now I will snoop some of yours! 🙂