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We have all been lost; whether you like to admit it or not. The scariest part of being lost is that sometimes you don’t know it until you are found. You may think you know happiness until something comes around that creates a bliss in your life that you can’t explain.

Being found.

I didn’t know I was lost. Well, maybe a little bit – but I thought that I had figured out everything that I needed in life. I thought I had been found and fixed, when really I had managed to get a band-aid that ended up being a complete, sticky joke. But this way okay, because it led me to truly being found and truly being happy.

To the point that people are telling me they can tell I am legitimately happy. It is that sparkle in your eye that you can’t control and the warmth in your stomach that just makes you feel better.

 It is all of the good things in the world.